Make Sure Your Baby is not Constantly Thumb Sucking!

Make Sure Your Baby is not Constantly Thumb Sucking!

Babies have a natural urge to suck. This urge usually decreases after the age of 6 months. However, many babies continue to suck their thumbs to self-soothe. If thumb sucking persists after the primary teeth have erupted, it can change the growth patterns of the jaw and cause significant misalignment of the teeth. The longer it continues, the more likely orthodontic treatment will be needed.

Long term effects of thumb sucking can include the following:

-development of an overbite (where the front teeth protrude out from the jaw and mouth)

-other bite issues, where the bottom teeth tip inward toward the back of the mouth or an open bite case, where the top and bottom teeth do not touch when the mouth is closed

-changes to the shape of the jaw can affect the alignment of the teeth

-speech patterns can also be affected, and the possible development of a lisp

-sensitivity on the roof of the mouth

Let’s be preventative and train your child to get rid of this habit! Bring them in for regular dental check-ups at The Dental Room, located in downtown Calgary. We’ll make sure you and your baby’s oral health stay on track!

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