A Dentist Near Me That Uses Digital X-Ray Technology

Medical imaging of your teeth and gums helps your dentist determine the best treatment for any oral health issues you’re having. They’re necessary to treat pain but also help dentists to get ahead of problems. Now, you have access to a downtown Calgary dental office that performs digital X-rays. These relatively new diagnostic tools offer patients improved effectiveness, lower risks and faster treatment.

Digital X-Rays Pose Fewer Risks

X-rays are the short waves of electromagnetic radiation used to create medical images. Traditional X-rays are relatively safe. The amount of radiation released isn’t enough to cause major cell damage for the majority of people. Unfortunately, radiation occurs naturally in our environment and is part of certain health treatments. For people who already receive radiation, even the small amount of radiation involved in film-based X-rays could be problematic.

Digital X-rays lower the amount of radiation delivered by 80 percent. Your dentist in downtown Calgary will still take measures to protect your body, but you’ll face much lower risks!

The Improved Quality of Digital X-Rays

Another big advantage of going digital is the quality of the image. The file can be enlarged several times over without distorting the image. There’s no film to degrade, crack or bend either. Plus, they can easily be sent from one office to another using secure delivery systems. Digital X-rays are cheaper to perform, but they also provide patients with more value for the money.

Digital X-Rays Are More Convenient

At The Dental Room, we serve many patients who live and work in downtown Calgary. They don’t have time to waste. Film X-rays take longer or may require a second appointment while the office staff waits for slides to develop. In comparison, dentists can process digital X-rays right away to use in same-day diagnostic and treatment.

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