Cosmetic Dentistry from The Dental Room 

Dr. Paul Chattha and his team address dental imperfections and bring out a patient’s naturally beautiful smileCall our office in Calgary to schedule your next dental appointment with us and discover a smile you can be proud of.

Beautiful Teeth Are Always In Style

Discoloration, decay, misalignment, damage, and missing teeth all contribute to an unattractive appearance. Dr. Chattha and his associates provide comprehensive dental care in his downtown Calgary dental practice. We understand that your smile is an important part of your personality, which is why we offer cosmetic services that include:

Bonding repairs cracks or chips on teeth to improve dental aesthetics.

White fillings restore the inner structure of teeth that have been treated for cavities. This composite resin material is amalgam free and imitates the color of natural teeth, blending with the smile while providing increased durability.

Porcelain crowns, including Zirconia, e.max®, and Procera prosthetics, are available from our office. These are used to restore the structure of damaged teeth and protect them against further decay.

Bridges replace one or more missing teeth in a row using a porcelain prosthetic that anchors on adjacent healthy teeth.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that cover imperfections in the smile, adjusting the size, shape, and color of teeth to generate a uniform smile.

Invisalign® clear braces adjust misalignments in the smile using a discreet, nearly invisible method that gradually shifts teeth into an ideal position.

Teeth whitening with Zoom! completed in our office provides patients with powerful bleaching agents that lift stains from below the surface of teeth to brighten smiles by several shades.

Full-Smile Makeover in Downtown Calgary

By combining several dental procedures, Dr. Paul Chattha and his team of healthcare professionals can help restore your beautiful smile. We provide patients with an in-depth treatment plan that addresses their entire smiles as a whole to repair damage, replace missing teeth, and restore the structure.

Patients opting for a full-mouth makeover can expect a treatment plan completed with all the necessary procedures to restore the health and function of your smile.

Discover Your Best Smile Today

Our practice is dedicated to providing full service cosmetic dental care in Downtown Calgary and Beltline. Call or visit our office and explore your options. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chattha and his associates, and find out how you can achieve your most beautiful smile yet.