Not everyone is comfortable receiving dental care, especially when advanced procedures like wisdom teeth extraction are involved. However, Dr. Kirpaul Chattha and his associates emphasize comfort in Calgary, making sure every patient has a positive experience. The Dental Room provides a friendly atmosphere and offers dental sedation to make longer procedures much easier.

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Helping Patients with Dental Anxiety

Our dental team understands that patients require a gentle touch. Whether you have sensitive teeth or dental anxiety, we strive to maximize your comfort while at The Dental Room. Dr. Chattha and his associates explain your treatment in detail, making sure you can make informed decisions about your dental care. At our practice, patients receive compassionate attention to their needs, ensuring a positive and comfortable dental experience.

When patients are uncomfortable in the dental chair, we take the time to restore their confidence. Whether you require more time for local anesthetics to become effective, or you want to slow down the pace of treatment, we accommodate your needs.

Providing Oral Conscious Sedation during Extensive Care

Dr. Chattha and his associates are certified in providing oral sedation to improve comfort during longer procedures. Oral sedatives are administered in pill form and offer various benefits to enhance your comfort. This medication puts patients in a conscious yet relaxed physical state. You will be able to respond to the dentist’s instructions during treatment and are easily awoken if you doze off.

Common procedures that require sedation:

·  Wisdom Teeth Extraction
·  Root Canal Therapy
·  Restorative Dental Care

To make sure patients can safely receive oral sedation, we perform a thorough health history review. We offer a range of oral sedation options, including Valium, Halcion®, Ativan, Versed®. Dr. Chattha and his associates work with patients to make sure the medication is paired with their sedation needs.

Post-Sedation Care

The effects of sedation will wear off after the procedure, within a few hours. Patients receiving oral sedation need to have someone drive them to and from the dental appointment. We recommend patients rest until the effects wear off and avoid driving. Dr. Chattha and his associates provide further instructions when your procedure is complete.

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