A Dentist Near Me in Downtown Calgary That Offers Invisalign

No one likes the idea of wearing braces, but that doesn’t mean everyone is happy with their smiles. Fortunately, the braces you might have considered in the past have made way for a new treatment that offers similar results. The Dental Room in downtown Calgary carries Invisalign, a system that adults of any age can use to get the smile they really want.

What can Invisalign do for my smile? 

Having a friendly, confident smile isn’t just an investment in your looks. Invisalign can help you put your best foot forward without having to spend months or years with a metal-filled mouth. It’s a preferred option among adult professionals who want to improve their smiles as discreetly as possible.

The treatment involves clear trays you wear over your teeth that shift them into new positions. Over time, the position of your teeth transition as you move from one tray to another. Most patients feel some discomfort, but it is rarely as severe as what you’d experience with traditional braces.

Invisalign straightens crooked teeth, closes gaps, and remedies other embarrassing problems. After just a few months of Invisalign treatment, most of our patients have the picture-perfect smiles so many people take for granted.

Is Invisalign a good choice for me?

Whether Invisalign is the right choice for you depends on a few different factors. Some changes in tooth placement require more structure and support than Invisalign trays can provide. We can go over your options once we’ve performed an assessment of your bite and overall oral health.

Scheduling a visit is easy for patients looking for a dentist in downtown Calgary. With any treatment like Invisalign, you’ll have regular appointments. The convenience of our location is second-to-none. Stop in on your way to work to start the process.

Contact The Dental Room at (403) 269-5411 to schedule an Invisalign consultation today.

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