Protect Your Oral Health During Flu Season!

As the temperatures continue to drop, flu season will be upon us! Be sure to take good care of your oral health and switch your toothbrush after a cold.

In the days after you’ve recovered from a cold or virus, you may have a germ disinfecting routine. This routine should include tossing your toothbrush. Germs could potentially live on toothbrushes for up to a few days!

Your immune system may have developed antibodies to keep your sickness from coming back. However, this is not guaranteed! You could be re-introducing bacteria back into your mouth, increasing your chances of a re-infection. You may also be putting the people who share your sink and store their brush right next to yours at risk too.

Given the fact that there are many types of sickness that could infect you anew, starting fresh with a pristine, germ-free toothbrush isn’t a terrible idea. Come visit us at The Dental Room, Dental Office located in downtown Calgary to make sure your oral health stays on track.

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