When Is It Time To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Making a decision on whether or not to have your wisdom teeth removed may be quite a challenge. The decision may not be entirely yours however, since your dentist must give a recommendation. Depending on the extent of damage, you may want to follow your dentist’s recommendations, or give them the final say. Before you make that major decision, here are some factors to consider:

Know The Facts

The decision to remove your wisdom teeth may be triggered by various factors including gum diseases, tumors and extensive tooth decay. Removing your wisdom teeth may also become necessary if they become painful, or suffer recurring infections. If you do not have impacted wisdom teeth, it may be advisable not to have them removed, especially if they are healthy.

Deteriorating Oral Health

Your oral health is equally important. Consult your dentist to have your wisdom teeth examined regularly. If you have recurring infections, it may be time to remove your wisdom teeth. However, before you have your teeth removed, you may want to try stronger medications that can make you retain your wisdom teeth a little longer. 

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If the condition of your wisdom teeth is still manageable, you may want to try alternative treatments to improve your oral health. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, your dentist may consider having them removed before your 20th birthday. At this age, the roots are not too strong, and the bones are still soft, making it easier to extract them.   

Associated Risks and Benefits

Although removing or retaining your wisdom teeth may be influenced by your oral health, it may be necessary to consider both short-term and long-term complications that include pain, dry sockets and lip numbness. Involve your dentist and discuss the benefits and the risks of removing your wisdom teeth, especially if they are not impacted. If the benefits far outweigh the risks, then it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed.

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