A Healthy Halloween Can Be A Real Treat!

Who ever said making healthy choices was a trick? There are so many things to look forward to during the spooky season, such as costumes, pumpkin carving and classic Halloween movies! Of course, Halloween wouldn’t feel the same without a sweet treat of two, but it’s not an excuse for a candy overload!

Tips For A Healthy Halloween

Halloween can be quite spooky for your teeth if they aren’t treated properly! Our team of dental professionals suggest the following tips to avoid scaring Dr. Chattha.

Try to stay away from buying sticky candy such as taffy or gummies. It’s harder for saliva to wash away these treats, which increases your chances of tooth decay.

Serve a big and healthy Halloween dinner. This will help make sure your family doesn’t fill up on sweets when the festivities start!

Make sure everyone follows their oral hygiene routine after eating a sweet. Everyone should brush their teeth for at least two minutes in circular motions followed by flossing. Provide your family with toothpaste that contains fluoride to avoid any spooky smiles!

Local Events

We understand that Halloween is looking a bit different this year, however, there are still some exciting events going on in Calgary! If you’re looking for something to do, we suggest these safe and fun events:

Ghouls Night Out at Heritage Park 

Halloweekends at Calaway Park

Field of Screams at Cobb’s Adventure Park

Spooktacular Grim Mini Golf at WinSport

Ghost Stories YYC Volume 2 at Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

Treat Your Smile To A Dental Appointment! 

 The best way to keep your smile from looking spooky all year round is to complete bi-annual dental examinations! Professional cleaning can make sure your teeth stay white and Dr. Chattha can make sure your oral health is in check. To book your appointment today, call us at (403) 917-1667 or book a consultation online. We’d be happy to talk to you about our Calgary dental services such as Invisalign, teeth whitening, dental implants and more! We look forward to seeing you soon and we can’t wait to hear what you did this Halloween!

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