4 Reasons to Come in for a Dental Cleaning After Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we all have sweets on the mind. There’s a reason your dentist is always harping on limiting the amount of sugar you consume, though. Overindulging in sweets, particularly those that are sticky or chewy, is the fastest way to promote tooth decay and cause oral health problems. Here are 4 reasons why you should schedule your routine dental cleaning this February.

You Have Braces

Sugary foods aren’t a good choice for anyone’s teeth, but this is especially true for people wearing braces. Orthodontic appliances make it even more difficult to clean between the crevices of your mouth that bacteria and food particles like to hide in putting you at greater risk of developing cavities and gum recession.

Your Mouth is Telling You There’s a Problem

Are your gums irritated, bleeding after you floss, or starting to recede? Or perhaps you’ve recently noticed that your teeth are unusually sensitive to hot and cold substances or have changed in appearance. If you’re experiencing changes in your mouth, don’t ignore them! Visiting the dentist sooner rather than later is key to preventing more serious problems from developing.

You Went Overboard on the Sugar

If you know you went all out on the candy and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Chewy caramels, toffees, and chocolates can lead to tartar build-up and tooth decay if not thoroughly removed from your pearly whites.

It’s Been Longer Than 6 Months

When is the last time you had your teeth cleaned? If it’s been longer than six months, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Along with brushing and flossing twice a day, routine dental checkups and cleanings are an important part in keeping your smile healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.

To book your routine checkup and cleaning with our trusted dental team, contact The Dental Room today. We can’t wait to see you smile at our convenient location in Downtown Calgary!

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