Take Care of Your Teeth This Winter!

Winter is here! It’s time to take the extra care and precautions that are needed with the official change in season. Did you know that your teeth need special care during the winter? As soon as the temperatures dips, your teeth become susceptible to a wide variety of problems including cracks and teeth sensitivity. Here are 6 ways you can protect your teeth this winter:

1. Schedule a winter dental appointment. It may have been a while since your last dental check-up. Be sure to book one this season!

2. Change the way you brush your teeth. Switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush and tooth paste designed for sensitive teeth.

3. Pay attention to your gums. The same germs that make you sick each winter are the same ones that lead to gum infections. Watch for signs of redness and inflammation. Be sure to also keep your hands away from your mouth.

4. Invest in a proper mouth guard. If you’re involved in outdoor winter sports, you’ll need a good mouth guard to protect your teeth against the brutal cold and from injuries.

5. Keep your neck and face warm. Wear a scarf to protect your teeth and jaw from cold weather-related dental problems.

6. Drink more water. If you do not drink enough clear water, your mouth can stop the production of saliva which encourages bacteria growth and can promote the development of tooth decay.

Don’t let winter weather wreak havoc on your teeth. Use these tips to protect your teeth this winter and contact us at The Dental Room, Calgary if you experience any problems!

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