Is Smoking Bad for Your Oral Health?

Smoking is bad for your entire body, including your oral cavity. In fact, It’s one of the most significant risk factors for a number of oral health problems.

According to the American Dental Association, smoking can cause a variety of dental problems. It can cause stains on your teeth and tongue, slow healing after tooth extraction, periodontal disease, dulled sense of taste and smell, difficulties in correcting oral cosmetic problems and oral cancer.

Quitting smoking is the best possible solution to reduce your risk of developing these types of oral problems. It is necessary for smokers to see their dentists regularly to keep their oral cavity healthy, as well as complete a regular oral cancer screening test.

If you are a smoker, stopping smoking can initially be difficult. We highly recommend that you at least reduce the number of tobacco or cigarettes you smoke. It is also essential to brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and clean your tongue to help prevent tooth and gum problems. Lastly, be sure to drink plenty of water and minimize alcohol consumption.

To learn more about the effects of smoking on your oral health, contact our office, The Dental Room in Calgary. We are here to help you keep your smile healthy!

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