Four Spring Cleaning Tips For Oral Hygiene

The spring is fast approaching, and we’re sure you’re ready to do some spring cleaning. As you beat those rugs, clean the curtains, and organize your cabinets, do not forget to include dental hygiene in your plan! This is an excellent season to make some improvements on your oral hygiene. Our team of dental professionals have put together this blog post to highlight four spring cleaning tips for oral hygiene.

1. Replace Your Toothbrush

Whether you use a manual or spin brush, it’s important to change it out every 90 days. For an electric toothbrush, you will be replacing the heads. This practice helps to avoid reinfection by bacteria which piles and flourishes among the bristles over time.

2. Ensure Your Mouthwash Is Not Past It’s Expiration Date

Although most people completely use up their toothpaste before the expiration date, sometimes mouthwash can lurk in your cabinets for a bit too long. Spring is time to confirm if all your products are good to go, particularly if you buy in bulk. Mouthwash will be less effective and have a different taste if it is past the expiration date.

3. Check-In On Your Diet

This spring season, ensure to keep bacteria at bay by maintaining a healthy diet. Limit sugary drinks and foods such as desserts, juices, sodas, and more. Be mindful of maintaining a balanced diet and consume fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, strawberry, broccoli, and kale. These foods are good for maintaining your oral health!

4. Biannual Dental Examinations

As you implement the changes mentioned above, it’s critical to include dental appointments in your schedule. If you have been skipping biannual dental examinations, spring is an excellent season to schedule the first one of the year! You can pre-book your next appointment in the fall with our team.

Visit a Dentist in Calgary!

When you schedule a dental examination at The Dental Room, Dr. Chattha will conduct a thorough assessment to establish the status of your oral health. With our professional tools, it is possible to remove plaque that is difficult to eliminate with brushing and flossing alone. A visit at our clinic will also identify any unseen oral problems, which will help them from becoming bigger, more expensive, and painful.

Take Action Today!

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