An Essential Test: Oral Cancer Screenings

The word ‘cancer’ is unfortunately referred to everywhere. From the different types of cancer, to what causes cancer, there is always something to discuss. One cancer topic you may be curious about is oral cancer

At The Dental Room, we perform oral cancer screenings to help prevent against oral cancer. This examination is done by a dentist to detect cancerous cells in the mouth. When you can identify oral cancer early, you can achieve a better prognosis. Even if you feel healthy, having an oral cancer screening is essential. With a five-year survival rate, oral cancer can be scary, if not checked early!

An oral cancer screening test is a simple procedure which involves a visual and physical examination. Often, an oral cancer screening is integrated into a routine dental check-up. Remember that prevention is always better than searching for a cure!

Be proactive against cancer, also known as the ‘silent disease’. Be sure to schedule your next dental checkup with us at The Dental Room, located in Calgary. We’ll integrate an oral cancer screening test seamlessly into your appointment.

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