3 Facts About Root Canal Therapy

A root canal seems like an intimidating procedure, so it’s not surprising that many people try to delay it as much as possible. At The Dental Room, we encourage patients to understand what is involved in this treatment and not to delay the procedure. Our dentist, Dr. Chattha is always willing to explain the root canal procedure in detail to ensure you are comfortable. Here’s a look at some facts about root canal therapy:

It Doesn’t Hurt

Most of the pain patients experience comes from the decayed nerves and tissues present inside the tooth. This pain is present prior to the procedure and part of the reason we advise not to delay it! We will administer local anesthesia and remove all of the infected pulp from within the tooth, which will immediately lessen your pain.

It Saves The Natural Tooth

Once the decay reaches the root, you have a small time window to save your natural tooth. If the decay spreads to the underlying bone matter, extraction will be your only option. A root canal is your best treatment option if you want to save your tooth. The sooner, the better!

The Tooth is Dead

 Once the root canal procedure is complete, and the tooth is capped, it won’t be sensitive and isn’t as prone to decay.

If you would like to learn more about root canal therapy or any other dental procedure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at The Dental Room in Calgary. You can use our contact form or call (403) 269-5411.